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Conscious, Sexy Dancehall Singer Fyakin Makes Reggae on the River Debut Aug. 7 By Shelah Moody

Photos Courtesy of Fyakin

Fyakin performs with Anthony B and also at a late night/early morning dancehall set on the South Beach Stage at the 32nd Annual CAReggae on the River Festival, French's Camp Piercy, .
Have you ever wondered what it’s like for an artist to perform at a massive, historic event such as the famed Reggae on the River for the first time? For Fyakin, a conscious young singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, the journey is well worth the wait.
Fyakin, a.k.a. Nicholas Levy, was born in Kingston, JA in 1988 and is currently based in Miami, FL. He derived his moniker from the Yoruba name Akin, which means “valor awakes.” A favorite on the Jamaican music scene, Fyakin created a buzz by performing at events such as Sizzla’s birthday bash, Sting, East Fest and Island Explosion to name a few. During the summer of 2015, Fyakin released his acclaimed full-length album, “Child of the Nile” on Nyle Banks Music. This year, Fyakin released his fiery single, “Warrior Ways.”   A devoted father and former professional soccer player, Fyakin describes his music as soulful, uplifting, cultured and truthful.
“You can expect a passionate performance and you might see me playing some Congo drums here and there; maybe a little keyboards,” said Fyakin. “You never know what can happen. Expect the unexpected when it comes to me. I keep growing and finding new talents each day.”
Shelah Moody: How do you feel about performing at Reggae on the River for the first time? What are some of the stories that you've heard about Reggae on the River from other artists?
Fyakin: I’ve just heard the show is a well-organized and properly promoted; it's huge has a lot of people there. It's my first time at Reggae on the River and my first time in California. It's quite an elated feeling for me to be a part of one of the greatest reggae festivals so to speak. My plan is to give the people a great performance--one to remember. I will be performing with Anthony B doing a song we both collaborated on for his tribute to the legends album.

SM: What do you have in store for the ladies in the dancehall?
Fyakin: I’ve got a lot in store for the ladies-- some sweet soulful lovers’ rock music that I am sure the ladies will enjoy. Tracks like “Sweet Music,” “I Miss Your Love” and “You are My Lady.”
SM: How do you feel about sleeping amongst the majestic California redwoods?
Fyakin: I've never experienced camping out before so I will see how that works out for me.
SM: Will you take a dip in the Eel River?
Fyakin: Not sure but I just might do so!
SM: Speaking of the Reggae on the River experience, I was gonna ask you about the myth of Humboldt ganja.
Fyakin: LOL. Nope, never heard of it!

Follow Fyakin on the web:
INSTAGRAM: darealfyakin

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Up Close and Personal with Tanya Stephens at the 23rd Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival By Shelah Moody

“It someone had told me when I was 20 that 40 was so sexy, I would have never believed them!” --Tayna Stephens, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2016
Let’s get one thing straight. Tanya Stephens thinks that she is the greatest thing since, and before, sliced bread. And the prolific reggae/dancehall singer /songwriter is proud of it, too, with more than 20 years of music to her credit.
After her riveting performance at the 23rd Annual Sierra Nevada World Music Festival at Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, CA ( on June 18, Stephens addressed the media in the press tent. In fewer than 20 minutes, she became our BFF. As Stephens was escorted from the stage to the press tent, she was literally mobbed by fans who showered her with hugs, kisses, gifts and praise.
Stephens, who rose to popularity with her risqué dancehall hits and love songs such as “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet,” Draw fi Mi Finger,” “Boom Wuk,” “Goggle,” “It’s a Pity,” “I Can’t Breathe” and “These Streets” said she prefers not to be labeled as a “female” artist. Stephens said her most feared question is “what advice would you give to young women who aspire to break into the music industry?”
“I would say, try not to take too much advice, because there’s no one way to do this,” said the dusky voiced singer, who performed on the SNWMF bill with world music greats such as Etana, Beres Hammond, Toots and the Maytals, Leroy Sibbles and others that weekend. “What works for Tanya Stephens may not work for another female coming into the business. It’s changed since I came in. I would say, don’t be labeled as a ‘female’ artist, just be an ‘artist.’ Stop being intimidated by the word ‘fraternity’ and stop thinking that this is a male dominated industry. They may be many in terms of numbers, but in terms of potency, not so much. We have them beat. Just come in, kick down the door and do your thing. Don’t be hung up on the ‘female’ label; our job is not sexual. I know that people mean well when they compliment me by saying that I’m one of the best female artists, but I feel marginalized by my gender. I look at women and I see no competition. That may sound egotistical to some people, but I’m not an accidental artist. I work very hard. If you hear me put out 10 songs, it means I made maybe, 150 songs. I demand more than just the title female artist. It’s like saying all right, we need some breasts, and I don’t even have that much breasts.”
To date, Stephens has recorded nine solo albums including “Big Things a Gwaan (1994), “Too Hype” (1997), “Work Out” (1997) “Ruff Rider (1998) “Sintoxicated” (2001) “Gangsta Blues” (2004) “Rebelution” (2006), “Infallible” (2010) and “Guilty” (2013).
Stephens has released more than 100 singlesand collaborated with artists such as Lady Saw, Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks and Marcia Griffiths to name a few.
“I’m a woman when I’m with my husband; I’ve been married for a few years,” said Stephens, who turns 43 this year. “But I don’t see that as something that defines me. I don’t complete him and he doesn’t complete me; we’re just two people who are doing this together. When I’m with my husband, I’m his woman, but with you guys, I don’t have to be a woman, do I? ‘Cause we’re not all sleeping together now are we? I need to be a woman for our kids because they need a mother. But when we are working together, why can’t we just be people? If we embrace the terms “women’ and female,” we embrace marginalization and the limitations put on us.”

After performing at SNWMF, Stephens headed to Europe to play the summer festival circuit. Yes, she has a new album in the works, but right now Stephens is taking it easy and loving it.
“It feels nice; it feels like the best of me, really, said Stephens. “So, I’m in no rush. I’m working on a new album, but I haven’t completed it yet, not to my liking. I have to like it first. And when I like it, then I will think that it deserves your ears; and I will release it. I have no record label; I have no boss, I have no deadline. I can take my time, and I hope you guys will exercise some patience. I have to live up to my own expectations and meet my own standards. That’s my process.
“I’m grateful that you give me a platform, and the fact that people actually like what I do is amazing,” said Stephens. “Nobody has to like my music. Of course, I think that I’m the greatest thing since or before sliced bread, but nobody has to agree with me.”
Oh, and another thing, Stephens has a wild and wicked sense of humor and her sharp wit shines through in her lyrics and conversation. One member of the press asked about her brief business venture as a bar and restaurant owner in Ocho Rios.
“That was not a good pairing,” said Stephens. “Just think about it; me with a bar! (laughed). That didn’t work out. I was my best customer, but that was bad for business.”
Stephens, who hails from St. Mary, grew up in a typical Jamaican household which means that she was influenced by country western music, gospel and Calypso. One of her first influences was Trinidadian calypsonian Lord Kitchener, who inspired Stephens’ love of writing with his double entendres. Stephens also considers SNWMF Saturday night headliner Beres Hammond a great writer. As a student of literature, Stephens loves a good story—the plot, the suspense, the climax. Sidney Sheldon is her favorite novelist; she collects his books in hard and soft cover.
Stephens’ also gushed about one of her biggest musical influences, Motown heavyweight William “Smokey” Robinson.
”Influence is a mild way of putting it,” said the Stephens. “I’ve been in love with Smokey since I was about 10 years old. ‘Tracks of My Tears’ is my all-time favorite song; it’s been my favorite since I was in grammar school.”
To the delight of everyone in the press tent, Stephens crooned a few bars of “Tracks of My Tears.”
“People say I'm the life of the party 'Cause I tell a joke or two/Although I might be laughing loud and hearty/Deep inside I'm blue…”
“I don’t collect keepsakes; I’m not a person who takes a picture with an artist to say ‘look who I’m standing next to,’ because I think I am all that and more,” said Stephens. “A friend brought me an autograph from Smokey, and that’s the only (memorabilia) I’ve kept throughout my entire career. Smokey Robinson was the soundtrack of my childhood and my adulthood. Every pain I’ve felt, I’ve cried with Smokey. I literally cried with Smokey. It’s crazy; you know me and Smokey’s relationship. He doesn’t know we have one.”
Ironically, Stephens said she has no desire to duet with her idol any time soon. “You know what, I don’t like meeting the people I really, really love, because then, they become human. And the truth is, no human can live up to your expectations, so I don’t want to spoil Smokey for me. I would rather Smokey stay just the way he is, over there with his fabulously-getting-younger self.”
Stephens’ currently has another great love, former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She even wrote a song for him called “Bernie a di Realist.”…/tanya-stephens-bernie-a-di-realist
“Listen, for me Bernie Sanders is not about politics,” said Stephens. “Bernie taps into everything I feel inside as a human; everything I’ve wanted. You know, the peace. The caring for each other. Doing what we know is right as opposed to what is popular and what is on the books. We wrote the damn books so we can change the books. This is what Bernie stands for. So, for me, it’s not even about winning or losing, it has nothing to do with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. I’m not an American and I can’t even vote here! Bernie is inspiring people all over the world to fight and rebel against what we know is wrong with the system. This country is rich! There shouldn’t be any poor people. Just like Jamaica is rich! There shouldn’t be anyone starving! Even if he is not running for president, I’m with Bernie forever. I love that man! He’s kind of rivaling Smokey right now.”
videoFollow Tanya Stephens on Twitter: @Tanya_Stephens

On Instagram: @tanyastephensofficial

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Bass music meets roots culture in debut EP from Californian producer Dubamine.
Dub-Stuy Records welcomes ​ Dubamine to its ranks. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, the young producer has been active since 2009 with a series of digital-only releases. String Up The Sound marks his vinyl debut with four tracks that trace direct links between roots, reggae, hip-hop, and bass music. The EP features the vocal talents of Jamaica’s ​ Blackout JA​ , London’s​ Brother Culture​ , a long-standing voice in the sound system community, and DC-based ​ Carlton Livingston​ , a Jamaican legend best known for his work with the ​ Greensleeves and ​ Jah Life labels. String Up The Sound is a meeting of styles and generations.
The EP’s three vocal tracks -- ‘Nicodemus’, ‘String Up The Sound’, and ‘Good Morning Jamaica’ -- offer sureshot summertime anthems with memorable hooks over production that blends the best of ​ DMZ​ ’s eyes-down philosophy with vocal-driven contemporary dub reggae in the vein of ​ Mungo’s Hi Fi​ . The release is completed by the instrumental ‘Murda Style’, a subtle and powerful forward riddim inspired by dub techno and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of ​ Rhythm & Sound​ . This debut by Dubamine combines bass weight, legendary voices, and sound system aesthetics to please multiple generations of bass-loving fans.

TRACKLIST :  A1.​ Nicodemus feat. Blackout JA A2.​ String Up The Sound feat. Brother Culture B1.​ Good Morning Jamaica feat. Carlton Livingston  B2.​ Murda Style

All song can be heard on Streetwise Radio's Big Splif 420 Reggae Show

Dub-Stuy Records  649 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY, United States​ l  +1 (206) 819 8383

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June 9- San Francisco, CA—Pleasanton, CA native Harrison Stafford and the Professor Crew proudly announce their summer European tour in support of their third roots reggae and dub masterpiece “One Dance.” Stafford, perhaps best known as the lead singer/songwriter for the roots reggae band Groundation, took a short break from the group to travel to Jamaica in September, 2015 to record “One Dance” with some like- minded souls—reggae greats Leroy “Horsemouth Wallace (drums), Errol “Flabba Holt” Carter (bass), Lloyd “Obeah” Denton (keyboards) and Big Ship Productions’ Dalton Browne (rhythm and lead guitar). Stafford’s longtime collaborator Roger Landon Hall is also featured on lead guitar. Stafford previously worked with this legendary group of Jamaican musicians, aka the Professor Crew, on two previous releases: “Madness” (CD, 2011) and “Throw Down Your Arms” (CD/DVD 2012).
Harrison and the Professor Crew kick off their “One Dance” tour in France on June 24 and will travel to Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.
“Recording "One Dance" was an awesome experience, very magical,” said Stafford, who has been recording in Jamaica’s studios such as Harry J’s in Kingston, for more than 15 years. “I knew what to expect and how to run the sessions smoothly. These are masters; they have been recording this reggae music for more than five decades so they know how to get the job done right the first time. I knew if I did my homework and got the songs ready, we could record all the basic tracks in one day. So that is what we did, we recorded ‘One Dance’ in one day.”
Stafford, who also has a home base in St. Ann’s Parish, JA, experienced many touching and spiritual moments during the “One Dance” sessions.
“Every time I play music, it is touching and spiritual and with this crew of musicians; we are all instantly together as one energy,” said Stafford.

About the Tracks:

One Dance,” the title track and lead single, is a rare and upbeat ska-infused dance tune. Stafford selected none other than Alpha Boys School alumni and Studio One drummer Horsemouth Wallace. "One Dance" is a song that Wallace and Stafford first jammed on in Jamaica a few years ago. Harrison wrote this song as a nice easy chorus of "One Dance Baby!" while the verses spoke very deeply about political power struggles and the subjugation of the poor. The groove is heavy between Wallace and bassist Flabba Holt-- two legends of Jamaican popular music. According to Stafford, the ska influence comes from Wallace’s teacher Lloyd Knibbs, famed Skatalites drummer.

Giddeon" is a dancehall track; up-tempo and groovy, said Harrison. The mood is very serious and the message is about confronting one’s faults in a moment of judgment and payback for the wrongs one has done in life. It is also talking about world leaders bringing about division, chaos and devastation and how they will reap what they sow on this road of life.
Jah Shine” is both an up-beat disco rocker and a Nyabinghi chant. For Stafford, it’s all about the bridge: "Jah shine like the rainbow!" Lyrically the song addresses the corruption and hypocrisy within world religion and organized religions as a whole.
Morality” is delivered against a rockers back-beat. The song has a simple yet strong message, that good teachings, love and blessings will come back to rule the hearts of humanity if we adhere to a moral code.
“Young Dread” is ‘a roots reggae track “livicated” to activist Mario Savio. “He was one of the main reasons I wanted to attend Sonoma State University, as he was on the faculty there,” said Stafford. “However, sadly, Mario died suddenly of a heart attack the first semester of my freshmen year at SSU. I was able to say hello to him on a couple of occasions and that was a blessing for me. Mario Savio was one of the first leaders of the free speech movement in California and had a great following and several moving public speeches at UC Berkeley, just 40 minutes away from where I grew up. I have been a fan of his for many years and I had been moved by his ‘Operation of the Machine’ speech on the steps of Sroul Hall on Dec 2, 1964. The intro to ‘Young Dread.” a song about the future of the next generation and how we need our voices to 'roar like a lion,' was the perfect opportunity to use this quote from Mario Savio.”

California,” according to Stafford, is a ska-country tune. “I was hearing that Grateful Dead sound in this track, a real Californian sound,” said the raspy-voiced musician. “I love California; it's my home and my birthplace. There are lots of great works and music still to come out of this beautiful state.”
“Balance” is a reggae song pure and true; In Studio One style, said Harrison. This song is about good over evil and putting out that message of unity and love for all people.

One Dance” Track Listings:
  1. Jah Shine 2. Hush 3. Morality 4. One Dance 5.The Music 6.Young Dread 7. California 8. Giddeon 9. Balance 10. Dub Shine 11. One Dub 12. Dubbeon
About Harrison “Professor” Stafford
Harrison Stafford, perhaps best known as Groundation’s lyricist and front-man, is taking reggae music back to its roots. With 10 studio albums and countless world tours, Harrison is a veteran of the concert scene, having shared the stage with artists such as Ziggy Marley, Sting, Snoop Dogg, The Roots and Burning Spear on world stages such as Outside Lands Music Festival and the California Roots Music Festival. Harrison was dubbed "Professor" as many elder Jamaicans came to know him from his “History of Reggae Music” course he developed and taught at Sonoma State University (1999-2001). Harrison's first solo release under the name "Professor" began in 2011 with the release of the album "Madness" after his pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine. The album stands as a testament to the power of reggae music in the struggle for equal rights and justice. Harrison is currently touring to bring the history and the culture to the masses by way of his solo work under Harrison Stafford & the Professor Crew. From 2000-2012 Harrison produced a documentary film on the history of the Rastafarian movement and Reggae music; entitled “Holding on to Jah”. The film features exclusive interviews with the who’s who of Reggae legends including The Congos, The Abyssinians, Ras Michael, Rocky Bailey, Brother Samuel Clayton, Pablo Moses, Israel Vibration, I Jahman Levi, Countryman, and Winston McAnuff among many others. “Holding on to Jah” was a collaboration with his long time childhood friend, director Roger Hall, and the film was recently released on DVD and online streaming November 10, 2015.
Visit Harrison Professor Stafford on his website:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
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On YouTube:
MEDIA CONTACTS: Susan Underwood-

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5th Annual Island Reggae Festival


July 9, 2016
5th Annual Island Reggae Festival
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
344 Tully Road, San Jose, CA 95111
Festival hours: 10am-11pm
General Admission: $60 (ticket price increase to $70 on 6/1)
VIP: $150  (ticket price increase to $160 on 6/1)
VIP includes: exclusive front row seating, VIP tent, 2 free drinks, 1 free meal
Day of show ticket price, General Admission: $80
Kids 5 and under free
Artists:   Common Kings, Collie Buddz, Fiji, Anuhea, Sammy J, Tenelle, Jordan T, Makisi, Mango Kingz, more artists to be announced

The 4th Annual Island Reggae Festival Returns to San Jose for 2016
Event celebrates Pacific Islander Culture, Music and Arts

San Jose, California, April 26, 2016  -  Rudebwoy Entertainment presents the 5th annual Island Reggae Festival held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, 344 Tully Road in San Jose, California.  The event offerings in 2016  include activities on three stages with live music on the Main stage, the Oasis stage will host a DJ sound clash and the third stage will feature the Polynesian Dance Showcase.  The event also features carnival rides for children, the USO Car Club Showcase, a Rugby tournament for both adults and children and a Tattoo Showcase.   The gates open at 10 am and the event concludes at 11pm.  

Artists on the lineup for Island Reggae Festival consistently include some of the Pacific Islands’ greatest talents and those that have been embraced by the culture. In 2016 the lineup includes the Common Kings who will perform the closing set at Island Reggae Festival 2016.  A band with cultural roots in the South Pacific and based currently in Costa Mesa, California, they tour the world and rule the airwaves with their high energy island style reggae flavored by R&B style vocals and polished production.  Representing the island nation of Bermuda on the Atlantic side of the globe is the artist Collie Buddz  who gained popularity after exploding on the scene in 2007 with his chart topping-“Come Around”, he continues to tour extensively with his unique brand of reggae influenced by hip-hop.    Returning to the Island Reggae Fest 2016 stage is the legendary Fiji whose stage name reflects his cultural background and whose golden voice has made him a pioneer of the Pacific Island sound and its most well-known artist and pave the way for the careers of many others whom he has personally mentored throughout the years.  

Female singer-songwriter Anuhea returns to the festival in 2016, born and raised on Maui in Hawaii, although she is of Caucasian descent she has ruled the live music scene and radio waves for the past several years with her own brand of pop influenced hits sung over reggae rhythms. Sammy J from New Zealand returns to Island Reggae Festival 2016 with his sweet vocals influenced by R&B and reggae.  

Pacific Island reggae music receives a great deal of attention both at traditional broadcast radio and online as those that have moved from their birthplace or those that represent the next generation maintain a strong cultural connection through music.  Some of the most well-loved artists in the genre today will be at Island Reggae Festival including  TenelleJordan TMakisi and Mango Kingz
After presenting the festival for the first 3 years at Great America, in 2015 the organizers began hosting the event at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds a venue that allows for expanded space for an all-ages event that the entire family can enjoy and one that provides an appropriate concert setting to attract music lovers from varied backgrounds.  As event organizer Danny Perez notes, “In 2015 what stood out were the various ethnicities that were in attendance.  We are predominantly a Pacific Island crowd and to see to our demographic expand to include many different groups is great.  I’ve envisioned the Island Reggae Festival as an event that we as Polynesians can call our own but also as an avenue to expose our island culture and music to others.”   

A family-friendly event, this year there will be free carnival rides and games for ages 13 and under.  The event will feature over thirty merchandise and food vendors with Polynesian food as well as some of the best in festival food favorites. 

Returning in 2016 is the Youth Rugby 7’s Tournament.  Rugby is a popular sport in the South Pacific Islands.  This year in addition to the adult Rugby 7 teams coming from Hawaii, Utah, Sacramento and the Bay Area, teams will come from Southern California and Arizona and  the tournament will invite youths from the ages 8 to 14 known as U8-U14 to participate.  The tournament will take place from 8am to 3pm and the winners of each age group will be announced on the main stage and receive a hand-crafted Island Reggae Festival plaque inscribed with their team name. 

The USO Car Club will host the USO Car Club Showcase.  For the past 10 years this group has been led by CEO Kita Leao.  Mr. Leao is of Samoan descent and has instilled elements of the Samoan culture with his car club members.  The meaning of the word USO is “brother” in the Samoan language and this is the shared sentiment between all of the car club members.  Cars will be showcased  as a reminder to the Polynesian youth that hard work and dedication can result in a car that is ready to be presented in a showcase.  The Car Club Showcase is  an opportunity to spotlight the lifestyle and interests of Polynesians in the United States.  

The Polynesian dance showcase and competition will present dance groups and styles from various islands in the South Pacific including Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji and New Zealand.  Groups will come from  Southern California, the Central Valley and Northern California as well as local groups from within the Bay Area.  Dance groups will be presented with a hand-crafted Island Reggae Festival 2016 plaque and with the opportunity to dance on the festival's main stage for the group with the winning dance performance.  

The Tattoo Showcase will  be featuring some of the most popular Polynesian Tattoo artists who will be tattooing live at the festival and giving tutorials on traditional Polynesian tattoo patterns and what their symbols and origins derive from.  

The 4th Annual Island Reggae Festival will also include a Diabetes Awareness initiative and the Red Cross will be on hand as part of a blood drive.  As to how these community-health oriented aspects of the festival come into play Danny Perez explains, “This festival is a platform we created to celebrate our Pacific Islander culture through music and dance.  We are also bringing awareness as to the diabetes epidemic our people face.”

Tickets are available on line through the Island Reggae Festival website or at 24 regional ticket outlets in the Peninsula Area, San Francisco, North, East and South Bay, Sacramento, Stockton and Monterey areas.   

Contact:  Justine Ketola (323)251-0542
Attachments area

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New Music From Ziggy Marley


Los Angeles, CA (Monday, February 22nd) – Seven time GRAMMY award winning recording artist Ziggy Marley will release his sixth solo studio album, Ziggy Marley, on May 20th through Tuff Gong Worldwide.  Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Ziggy, the new self-titled album marks his first release in 2 years, following 2014’s critically acclaimed Fly Rasta, which took home the 2015 GRAMMY award for Best Reggae Album.  A digital pre-order will be available beginning February 26th exclusively on iTunes that will include an instant gratis track of the album’s first single “Weekend’s Long.”  On the same date, a physical album pre-order will be available at

Ziggy is set to guest star in the hit action television series Hawaii Five-0 which will air on Friday, February 26th on CBS.  In the episode, Ziggy will star as Bones, friend of reoccurring character Odell Martin played by Michael Imperioli.  Three Ziggy songs will run during the episode including two new album tracks “Weekend's Long” and “Ceceil.”  “Forward To Love,” from Ziggy’s fourth studio album Wild and Free will also be included in the episode.

This summer Ziggy will embark on a major North American tour (official dates TBA).  Confirmed dates so far include shows at the Spotlight 29 Casino on May 27th in Coachella, CA, BottleRock Festival on May 28th in Napa, CA and the Magic City Blues Festival on August 6th in Billings, MT. For additional concert and ticket purchase information, please visit





U.S. Dates in NYC  & Louisiana To Support Album 
During Release Week
West-African reggae vocalist Alpha Blondy returns with a brand new studio album Positive Energy on April 22 via VP Records. With over 15 albums under his belt and more than 30 years in business, Alpha Blondy stays true to his rebellious spirit and signature contemporary world sound on his latest release. His unmistakable vocals (which are a mix of English, French and his native language Dioula) are filled with messages of life, liberty and disdain of politics that ride over afro-reggae beats and jazzy funk-fused rhythms.  Positive Energy contains a number of guest features with like minded artists including Ijahman Levi, Tarrus Riley, Ismeal Isaac and Jacob Desvarieux.
Watch video for the album's latest single "No Brain No Headache": 

During release week, Alpha Blondy will hit the road to support the new album. On April 21, he heads to NYC to headline BB Kings. Then, he makes his way to New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival on April 23 and the Festival international de Louisiane in Lafayette, LA the following day.
Alpha Blondy
Alpha Blondy's upbringing is as rich and diverse as his music. Hailing from the Ivory Coast, Alpha Blondy was born to a Muslim mother and a Christian father and brought up by a grandmother who taught him to love everyone. He always raised awareness about social injustice and aimed to promote unity in his lyrics and in real life, which eventually led him to become the Ambassador for Peace for the UNESCO, NATO and CEDEAO. The singer grew up listening to African folkloric music, but was influenced by American bands like Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Otis Redding. He was introduced to Bob Marley's music when he moved to New York to study English at Hunter College and in Columbia University's American Language Program. After a brief stint in Paris to record his 1984 album Cocody Rock, he headed to Jamaica to record the title track with Marley's backing group, The Wailers. Later, he returned to in Kingston's Tuff Gong Studios to record his third album Jerusalem (1986). By the release of his 1987 album Revolution, Blondy had already established himself as an international artist with a massive following in his native country, North America and Europe. His popularity continues to grow, and he continues to steadily release albums.  Following Mystic Power (2013), Positive Energy is the second album released on reggae label VP Records.

Tour Dates:
4/21 in New York, NY - BB King's
4/23 in New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage festival
4/24 in Lafayette, LA - Festival international de Louisiane
Track Listing:
1.       Rainbow In The Sky feat. IJahman Levi
2.       Freedom feat. Tarrus Riley
3.       Allah Tano feat. Ismael Isaac, Issam & Naoufel
4.       No Brain, No Headache
5.       Maclacla Macloclo
6.       Madiba M'A Dit
7.       Lumiere
8.       Sechez Vos Larmes feat. Pierrette Adams
9.       N'Teritche feat. Jacob Desvarieux
10.   Ingratitude
11.   Une Perire Larme M'A Trahi
12.   Querelles Inter-Minables



STREAM Album (Login info - UN: presspass, PW: abc123)

PR Contact:
Tiffany Mea
Cell: 619-606-1059

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Sitting here on a cold Tuesday morning in San Jose, California listening to Reggae artist Da’Ville’s music and to my amazement really enjoying it. I know Reggae fans are probably wondering why listen if you don’t like Reggae. I was ask by DJ Michael Ealey of Streetwise Radio to write a blog on this singer from Kingston Jamaican. What I like about Da’Ville is, you can understand what he is singing about not like some other Reggae artists. I had not heard of Da’Ville until this day. I can’t believe I was sleeping on this Jamaican Reggae singer. Who is a wonderful R&B Reggae singer, producer that has a soulful sound with songs and lyrics to match? Checkout some of my favorite songs by Da’Ville, “Always on my Mind”, “Can't get over you”, “In Heaven”, “Yesterday”, “Give Thanks”, “Steal My Girl”, “This Time I Promise” and “Mirrors”, to name a few. If you’re not into Reggae listen to Da’Ville and you just might become a fan like I did. Don’t sleep on Da’Ville! Check him out on Streetwise Radio. You also can listen to Streetwise Radio on, Pandora, MyGen365, Live365 and iTunes.


Errol Moore

Way before the world was talking about ‘organic’ food and ‘organic’ products, we (everyone connected with Reggae and sometimes Dancehall) talked about our lifestyle as being natural!
Remember that?!  Terms like ‘natural beauty,’ ‘natural vibes,’ and ‘natural movements’ were used to describe how we were, and still are living.
Errol Moore, as in the famed Errol Moore, renowned for his natural relationship with the guitar, has backed fellow artists such as Israel Vibration, Maxi Priest, Inner Circle, Beres Hammond, Third World and Marcia Griffiths to name a few.  Literally, when his fingers touch the strings, his guitar sings!
Today, Errol Moore is gearing up to celebrate the upcoming release of his album Good Morning Jah. Good Morning Jah the single is now playing on Streetwise Radio.

Sunday, December 20, 2015



While sitting here trying to figure out what Reggae artist to write on, I typed in unknown Reggae artists in Google and clicked on Your Daily Song Fix. I was scrolling down the list and putting their names in YouTube and listening to different artists. One artist that stood out was Matisyahu. The song that I listened to was “One Day” and I really like it. It was very inspiring! This 36 year old Jewish Reggae, alternative hip hop, alternative rock, reggae fusion, reggae rock from West Chester, Pennsylvania has released 5 studio albums. Out of the 5 my favorite is his 2009 “Light” album, he is singing to the people of the world. Matisyahu shows his vulnerability and pain about what’s going on in the confused world. We all need wonderful music. His singing style can appeal to people who are not really into Reggae. Some of my favorite songs by Matisyahu are, “One Day”,  “Sunshine”, “King Without A Crown”, “Jerusalem”, “On Nature lyrics” and “I will be light”. You can listen to songs by Matisyahu on Streetwise Radio. You can also listen to Streetwise Radio on MyGen365, iTunes, Athena365 and Live365.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Supa Squad

About Supa Squad 

 Squad Supa Squad is Mr. Marley and Zacky Man! The Cape Verdean dancehall duo SUPA SQUAD are about to take over the world. Zacky Man and Mr. Marley, both vocalists, songwriters and producers, have created a solid fusion of modern dancehall and new roots reggae, and their energetic performances and dynamic stage presence has won over audiences throughout Portugal. With dubplate sessions for Sentinel Sound and PowPow Movement under their belts, the duo is ready to take Portuguese Dancehall to a new level.

Supa Squad releases homonym EP Reggae/Dancehall band, Supa Squad, has finally released their debut album, Supa Squad EP. The album consists of 6 tracks including a featuring with fellow new roots artist Duane Stephenson on Little Youths track. “This EP is the end of a cycle of two years creating modern music and writing lyrics people could relate to.” says Mr. Marley. For Zacky Man, “One Love talks mainly about complicity between two persons in the begining of a relationship while Jah Jah Bless Me has a spiritual component where JAH (God) is mentioned”. Zacky Man also says “We are now working on new material for the near future”. The album was entirely produced by Supa Squad (Mr Marley and Zacky Man) showing their versatility. Tracklist: 1. Jah Jah Bless Me 2. One Love 3. Little Youths feat. Duane Stephenson 4. Man A Hustler 5. Come Together 6. No Follow Dem

Monday, August 31, 2015


More info below as well as RSVP links on Facebook - PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

August 28 Copenhagen, Denmark  @ Loppen
August 30 Reykjavik, Iceland @ Gamla Bio 

September 4 Nuuk, Greenland @ Katauq
September 8 Amsterdam, DL @ Cafe the Zen
September 9 Cologne, DE @ Underground 
September 10 Recklinghausen, DE @ Haltestelle
September 11 London, UK @ 229 Club
September 12 Aarhus, Dk @ V58
After a stellar United States and Canada tour throughout July and August including headlining performances at California Worldfest in Northern California,  Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, Afrikadey Festival in Calgary, California Plaza in Los Angeles and Lincoln Center in NYC, international music star and Cumbancha recording artist Rocky Dawuni is now off to Europe this week to continue his "Branches of the Same Tree" Summer tour with stops in Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Holland, Germany and the UK with suport from Artefix Music and Neil O'Brien Entertainment.

The influential Wax Poetics Magazine just published an amazing in depth inteview with Rocky and the rise of his new sound "Afro Roots!"  Rocky Dawuni straddles the musical boundaries between Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S. to create his signature "Afro-Roots" sound that unites generations and cultures. Filled with uplifting and irresistible songs, Rocky's sixth album, Branches of the Same Tree, blends inspirations from his diverse experiences while expanding on his identity as an artist, a proud son of Africa and as a true world citizen.

The songs on Branches of the Same Tree  reflect influences as wide ranging as New Orleans funk, Brazilian samba, even the lilting sounds of Hawaiian ukulele, seamlessly integrated into a unique and approachable style. The album features appearances by an all-star lineup of guest musicians, including veterans from Michael Franti and SpearheadSteel PulseBen Harper and The Innocent Criminals and Ziggy Marley. Already a superstar in West Africa with a devoted international fan base, Branches of the Same Tree brings Rocky's music to even wider audiences around the world. The first single from the album"African Thriller" (remixed by Jeremy Sole of KCRW FM) is a hit worldwide with the fantastic accompanying video that has set the dance world a blaze!

Rocky just launched his new music video for the song "Nairobi " in partnership with (Follow this link to view the video ). The track appears on Dawuni's acclaimed 2015 album. Filmed in Kenya's capitol city, the video is an ode to this "beautiful city in the sun" and a plea for peace and celebration of shared destiny. The video captures a picturesque portrait of iconic and historic monuments of Nairobi as it explores the everyday life of the city. Dawuni serves as a traveling minstrel, journeying across neighborhoods, bearing a message of goodwill.

Blessed with easy-going charisma, the musician and United Nations Foundation Ambassador  has performed and collaborated with Stevie WonderPeter GabrielBonoJason MrazJanelle Monae and John Legend, among many others. Named one of Africa's Top 10 global stars by CNN, he's showcased his talent around the world at major festivals and prestigious venues such as The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and Lincoln Center in NYC.

What's up next for Africa's shining star? Stay tuned...

Filmed in Nairobi, Kenya, the video offers a tribute
to a city, country and people.


ROCKY DAWUNI  can be heard on Streetwise Radio, Live365,iTunes,Pandora,BigSplif420 Reggae.