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The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn

Rusty’s mix of classic reggae, rock steady and ska is imbued throughout with the sound of his magnificent voice, his hook laden original compositions and his thorough understanding of the place of soul in Jamaican music. Of the twelve tunes on ‘The Reggae Soul of Rusty Zinn’, (RockBeat Records, to be released in February 2015) nine are written by Rusty, and show his command of the craft. Meaningful lyrics, memorable and melodic tunes set in timelessly crisp productions, all topped off by his warm and intimate voice. The kind of songs that should be on every radio stations’ playlist.

Rusty Reggae Soul cover 2The album’s opening song ‘Rise Up’, is up on YouTube and is rapidly gaining views. The tune shows the ska side of Rusty’s musical personality, and is a joyful paean to hope and optimism in these doubtful times. It has the sensibilities of a ‘We Shall Overcome’ lyric but with a far better tune and a totally irresistible dance beat. All the songs on the album, whether written by Rusty or not, reflect love, a yearning for love, or an unflinching optimism in what lies ahead. ‘Pushing Towards A Dream’, ‘She Comes From Nothing’ and ‘Woman Don’t Settle’ acknowledge problems but point to solutions, while ‘Angie I Love You’ (written for his wife),’Do I Stand A Chance With You’,’Lover’s Glory’, ‘Put Your Faith in Me’, Frankie Valli’s ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’, Gladys Knight’s ‘Is There A Place’ and Jimmy Holiday’s ‘Turning Point’ are unabashedly romantic to the core. ‘Gift Of Love’ is a glorious celebration of life’s central theme set to a riffing ska rhythm.

The focus of Rusty’s music is always centered on the voice first and foremost. He says: “when I was a small child the very first music I remember hearing were vocal groups like The Spinners and The Stylistics. My parents were always playing music from their youth, mostly Doo Wop, Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Ray Charles, Fats Domino and so many more. I think being raised on all that kind of music made me subconsciously develop certain standards to uphold in my music.  Those standards are elements such as soulful singing, good messages, strong arrangements, nice chord progressions…“ These are key ingredients in Rusty’s personal brand of Reggae which is also much influenced and inspired by such great Jamaican singers as Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, and Slim Smith. and he now brings the sensibilities of soul to his chosen brand of Jamaican music. Emphasizing melody, romance and feeling, he terms his musical vision ‘A Journey to the Soul of Lovers Rock Steady.’

Rusty Zinn’s musical journey started in the eighties in the blues field. A stunning guitarist and singer, he established a world wide presence as a young blues turk,  and all who saw and heard him marveled at his mastery of the idioms, his astonishing guitar playing, his soulful singing – a musician’s musician. However,by the turn of the millennium he found himself drawn to the melodies and rhythms of Jamaican music and rapidly and thoroughly immersed himself in the idiom, studying it and learning its history just as thoroughly as he had the blues.

‘When I was in Kingston in 2009, recording my ‘Manifestation’ CD it was like I was in a dream state. It was like being in reggae Disneyland because on every street corner you would recognize a reggae legend. When I started my recording session there it was the first time I could remember my knees knocking together just like they did the first time I performed on stage at the age of 18. There I was singing and performing my own material with my heroes – some of the biggest legends and veterans of Jamaican music. The great producer Bunny Lee even walked in while I was singing a song. He watched and listened for a while and then gave me a thumbs up and a great big smile and turned and walked out the door.’

Over the years Rusty has performed with a multitude of Jamaican artists, and befriended even more. He’s recorded with the legendary Jamaican rhythm section Sly and Robbie, Boris Gardiner, Robbie Lyn, Mikey Chung, Soul Syndicate, Scully Sims, Hux Brown and many more.

His YouTube video of ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’ has received more than 865,000 hits.

He has twice received Joe Higgs Music Award nominations as Best International  Reggae Artist (in 2007 and 2009) and for Best Male Singer category (alongside such legends as Beres Hammond) in 2009. These nominations were a great honor for Rusty as Joe Higgs, known as The Godfather of Jamaican Music, has had a huge impact and profound influence on his music, particularly his approach to songwriting. Other Jamaican performers who have had an impact on his music are his many mentors, Milton Henry, Mikey Mao Chung, Barry Biggs, Clinton Fearon, Tony Chin, and Fully Fullwood. Rusty sought out many of these Jamaican music notables and befriended them so that he could soak up the true vibes of some of Reggae’s foundational singers and musicians. He found that many of these men who are his heroes were more than approachable and willing to share their knowledge with him.

When reviewing an earlier CD in The Beat publication Chuck Foster (KPFK ‘Reggae Central’) wrote “…. did I mention this guy can sing?” and compared his songwriting talents to the great Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham.

Sly Dunbar, of the legendary rhythm section Sly & Robbie, recently commented: ‘I was blown away by his singing … his voice is clean and smooth. He is a great artist. ‘Nuff respect to Rusty.’

‘Great songs, delivery and execution that hits you with truths, rights & Love! ‘  Doug Wendt (Midnight Dread)

Rusty’s manager, Bob ‘Rob’ Bell says: ‘My first years in the music business were with Island Records and Trojan Records from 1965 through 1972 – the golden age of ska, rock steady and reggae. Rusty has that sound and feeling down without playing the nostalgia card – he plays to the heart’. Echoing the latter sentiment, James Austin of Rockbeat Records adds that ‘this CD has excellent “crossover” potential, opening up the world of Reggae to a whole new audience’.

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"Nah Complain",By Kafinal and Uroy Now Playing On Streetwise Radio

Born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, Jeffery Williams better known as Kafinal has emerged as an entertainer and vocalist with diverse talents.
The singer/comedian/actor who is now based in Toronto, Canada credits his sometimes difficult upbringing with giving him his strong work ethic and sense of humour. The second of five children for his parents, he remembers how his mother worked hard to make ends meet. With that determination, he has decided to pay homage to her with his work.
Like many of the musical greats he started singing as a child in the church as well as in school and at community events. In 2001 while still living in Jamaica his professional musical timing had come and he released songs like “Cooking Dat Pwile” and “Drive By”.
Upon relocating to Canada, Kafinal began to make a name for himself on the Caribbean live show and performance circuits both as a singer and comedian.
The re-emergence of his first love, music, which Kafinal describes as “soul-filling”; presents him with an opportunity to entertain the best way he knows.
Influenced by all genres of music, he lists Bob Marley, Desmond Dekker, U Roy, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Beres Hammond among his musical influences.
For Kafinal the sky is indeed the limit as he plans to build on the exposure and fan-base he has garnered and take it to the highest level. He promises to continue to put out excellent music with the best production quality.
Lyrically he is definitely on his way as he has already released not only “catchy” but very relevant content. His latest project is titled “Nah Complain”, which features the legendary U-roy, has been rocking the airwaves in Jamaica, Toronto, the Caribbean and North America.
Expect more from this talented brother of the Caribbean.

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The Fastest Rising Star in Jamaican History. Gully Bop

The Fastest Rising Star in Jamaican History
By. Amero
Once again we are coming to you from Streetwise Radio where we are 

changing the way you listen to music.I have an amazing story to unfold!!
When dreaming of success or a career one tends to always wish for an
immediate ascension to the top of the field. The notion that you can bypass
the hurdles and pitfalls of becoming successful in the career you choose. 
The proverbial Rags to riches story. The Phoenix that rises from the ashes. 
The story starts in Jamaica with a 50 year old artist named Gully Bop. 
Picture the toothless guy begging for change in front of your local liquor 
store. Then add near 3rd world poverty surroundings and you have his
launching point. Seriously Gully Bop is allegedly homeless, formerly a
drug addict and mentally ill. So I know by now your asking,so how does
this story end well? It all starts from a youtube acapella freestyle video “ 
Wuk Affa Mi” that sprung him into Dj’s attention. Gully Bop became a 
street sensation overnight. Dj’s began putting his freestyle's onto beats and
Gully took off. Coming out of the Sea View neighborhood, young people 
gravitated to his music.Gully Bop began recording an album almost 
immediately. Gully’s first two recordings ‘My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me’ 
and Body Specialist’ were instant hits and he joined the ranks of the top
Jamaican artists in less than two weeks. In little over a month Gully Bop has 
found fame, wealth and even love. Gully Bop was a headliner at Jamaica’s
annual Magnum Sting which is the biggest dance hall festival on the island
and he ripped it according to fans. Following the successful show Gully had
to get ready to pack his bags if he had any at all because a world tour was
being negotiated and finalized. The tour has stops in Stockholm,London
and New York to name a few. Gully Bop is really about his money. He
had offers from two American doctors for oral surgery to fix his grill but he
put off the appointments till after his first tour. ( I guess if he made it this
far without teeth why would he need them now..) What makes Gully Bop
so popular is the old dude can actually rap and I mean he has flavor. I
was primed and ready for a two minute and thirty second laugh at some
old bum but instead i wound up with my mind blown away. I can most
assertively say he has the voice that is just perfect for dance hall. I'm
actually mad that this dude has been sitting on a crate for the last 1000
years when he could have been on our playlists in heavy rotation.You have
to check out Gully Bop. His tour starts in March and you can hear him on 

Big Splif 420 Reggae at 5:30 pm and again at 10pm pacific time. Brought
 to you by Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. PEACE OUT!!

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Alkaline - Claffy Dem - Wul Dem Riddim - May 2014 | @GazaPriiinceEnt


By. Amero

Wow it seems as if time just whizzes by it already the end of the first month
in 2015. I know I shouldn't bring it up because it just makes me feel older
but anyway. When it comes to youth its kinda hard to understand what the
heck drives them to do what they do. I mean I can't explain why I did the
things I did as a youngster but we as adults tend to wonder. The reason I
say this is because of Jamaican dancehall sensation Alkaline. The young
artist is gaining momentum in his career and his new song “Wul Di Claffy
Dem’ has the young crowd pumped up. His youthful voice and rapid fire
lyrics are his penchant. The song has a catchy hook that makes it easy
to follow and Alkaline like his name seems to rap like he's full of batteries.
But why do the youth love him so well? I think its because of his off the
record antics that they are attracted to. When you look at the Alkaline all
you can notice is his blacked out eyes like some vampire from the movie
Underworld. No really he has no whites in his eyes.
At first you think wow such creepy contacts he has but when you get
into the meat and potatoes of the story it seems that he has tattooed his
eye balls. Yes its not a typo. Stories have floated around that his eyes
are tattooed black. When asked about his eyes Alkaline says, "its for the
attention but also because I'm calm and contented this way". "Any artist
or entertainer of any caliber wants to maintain the spotlight". I guess so
but I’ll pass myself. To make this story even more strange is that a fellow
Jamaican artist named Mace tried to follow suit and get his eyes tatted
black and wound up in the hospital. So I think that its safe to say that
those are not contacts in his eyes. Young people (not all youngsters) like to
follow crazy and different ideas so think that's the draw but in this case doing
something that's not normal. Alkaline does have major talent and in some
weird way knows how to market himself so i cannot say hes right or wrong
for his actions. I just hope nobody goes blind doing this type of stuff. Well
then again instead of writing his lyrics he can use talk to text app. So go
ahead with your bad self Alkaline keep making headlines. Alkaline and
other great dancehall music can be heard o g Splif 420 Reggae Show at
 4:30 pm and 10pm everyday on Streetwise Radio. Sponsored by Streetwise
 Special Delivery Inc.

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Congratulations To Grammy Nominees and Winners. Photos By Shelah Moody

2014 Grammy Nominee Sean Paul (right) and  his manager Steve Wilson at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Kingston, Jamaica-Nov. 3-After touring and recording with Grammy winning reggae/dancehall artist Shaggy since 1998, acclaimed guitarist Robert DubwiseBrowne has decided to leave the band to put all of his energies into pursuing his solo career as an instrumentalist.

Brownes new project,  “Groovy Love Thing, is scheduled to be released independently in January of 2015. Groovy Love Thing will be distributed by Zojak Worldwide digitally, and Browne is currently in discussions regarding distribution of physical copies of the CD. 

Although I've released two albums since working with Shaggy, I figured that this was the necessary step I had to take now towards being committed to my own music and career,said Browne.  “Shaggy & Valley Touring, Ltd, (his touring company) are disappointed with my decision but they gave me their blessing and said if I should ever want to return, my position as guitar player in his band will be available.” 

As an essential part of his signature groove and crossover sound, Browne recorded with Shaggy on his albums Lucky Day(2002), Clothes Drop (2005), Summer In Kingston(nominated for Grammy in 2012) and Out Of Many One Music(2013).

About Robert DubwiseBrownes New Project

The first single "Groovy Little Thing" will be released early this month. The project is a compilation of popular Jamaican reggae songs from the past decade and rearranged in what would be considered smooth jazz format. Browne, whose influences include Jimi Hendrix, Lee Ritenour and Joe Satriani, released his first solo album, the critically acclaimed Robert Dubwise: Birthin 2004.

I am happy with how the songs on Groovy Love Thing are turning out,said Browne. It's been a while since I've put this much focus and energy in a project - my previous release was in 2010 (Electrifying Grooves Of DiVersion) and I'm excited to get it out for everyone to hear what I've done with these songs.” 

About Robert Dubwise Brownes New Website:

With the release of the single "Groovy Little Thing" Browne will be launching his new website, which will feature information, photos, and songs from all of albums that you can hear, and you can also follow links to buy his products as well as links to his social media sites. It will also include concert dates and will be updated with new information periodically.

About Robert DubwiseBrowne

Robert DubwiseBrowne comes by his talent honesthe hails from one of Jamaicas most prestigious musical families. His father, renowned bassist/producer Glen Browne, head of Island Treasure Records, has worked with everyone from Ziggy Marley to jazz greats Monty Alexander and Delfeayo Marsalis and is currently touring with Tarrus Riley. His twin brother, bassist Richard ShamsBrowne has produced some of dancehalls hottest riddims. His uncle, producer Cleveland ClevieBrowne was a member of the famed classic dancehall duo Steely and Clevie. Uncle Dalton Browne has was influential in launching the Big Ship label with reggae great Freddie McGregor.

Throughout his illustrious career, Robert DubwiseBrowne has had the opportunity to tour the world, including opening for the Rolling Stones with Shaggy. He performed a solo set with his own band at Reggae Sunsplash 2006 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He has also toured and recorded with NBCs The Voice season five winner Tessanne Chin, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Toots Hibbert, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Morgan Heritage, Monty Alexander, Damian "Jr Gong" Marley, Julian Marley, Heather Headley, Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley, Sly & Robbie and more. In 1998, Browne made history by playing on Lauryn Hills iconic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,which went on to win several Grammy awards including Album of the Year.

Follow Robert DubwiseBrowne, (aka Dubz):


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Queen Makedah

"Blending reggae with the traditional sounds of R&B gorgeous lush vocals, Queen Makedah will take you on a vocally adorned journey to the very root of your soul. You’ll love the uplifting lyrics that border on socio-political issues tender to all our hearts. Good stuff." (Spiritual Healing Album Review)

"This is fresh and so different and is just basically one of the best Albums out there and is soothing for the soul and this CD is certainly a heavy weight contender for today’s world of music especially with its fresh stance."  English Crew, CD Baby (Spiritual Healing Album Review)

"Queen Makedah - Spreading Peace through Voice. Queen Makedah thrilled the crowd with charisma and vocal bravado, infusing R&B, soul and gospel into the traditional reggae grooves, while delivering music that is accessible and danceable."  Andrew Creasey, Oregon Music News

Now Playing on,
Streetwise Radio,Live365,Athena365,MyGen365.


                                                                   Black Am I

Oakland, CA—TourNentertainment is proud to announce the I & I U.S. Tour 2014, featuring two of Jamaica’s hottest roots/reggae performers, acclaimed reggae/dancehall singer I Wayne and Ghetto Youths International protégée Black Am I. The two fiery Rastafarian performers represent the past, present and future of reggae music.

The I & I U.S. Tour 2014 kicks off in southern California on Oct. 22 and wraps up in Tampa, FL, on Nov. 30.

                                                                I Wayne
I Wayne is a DJ’s dream. His VP Records produced hits, “Can’t Satisfy Her” “Living in Love” and “Lava Ground” have moved the masses with intoxicating beats and militant lyrics while inspiring love and romance in the dancehall. Throughout his career, I Wayne has demonstrated the ability to touch people at large scale music festivals as well as intimate night spots.
Born Cliffroy Taylor in Portmore, JA, I Wayne was raised by his aunt and her husband, legendary keyboardist Ansell Collins, known for his work with Jimmy Cliff and other artists. I Wayne remembers singing along while Collins played the keyboards. According to the singer, his moniker, I Wayne, derived from his childhood nickname, Dwayne, given to him by his parents.
In Rastafarian culture, I & I represents the oneness between the human and the divine.
I Wayne is also known for his expansive vocal range, which can soar from low tenor to falsetto.
“I would classify myself as a chanter, a singer and a singjay,” said I Wayne. “I don’t limit myself. Sometimes, I blend the three styles on one riddim to create a new sound. I can blend reggae with R&B.”
With his chart topping, soul-infused dancehall anthem, “Can’t Satisfy Her,” I Wayne brought to light the rampant sexual exploitation of women in Jamaica. Partially based on news reports and actual events that took place in his community, “Can’t Satisfy Her” tells the tragic tale of a young woman who went into prostitution to escape poverty and lack of opportunity.
As a photogenic artist with a huge female fan base, I Wayne does not consider himself a reggae sex symbol per se. But he feels that it important to create a balance between being hard core and sensual in his music.
“With females, you know, you have to put some of the harsh vibes aside and deal with it calm,” said I Wayne. “You haffi move like the lava.”
According to I Wayne, his hit politically charged hit, “Lava Ground” is a metaphor for the power of nature and the Most High, and warns people against committing injustice.
“I’m just reminding people that the lava; it’s nature; it’s more powerful than the gun and the knife,” said I-Wayne.
I Wayne glorifies the regenerative power of volcano, which can cause mass destruction when spewing fire, but is also a fertile ground for vegetation; lava rocks can also be turned into beautiful glass and gems.
On the I & I U.S. Tour 2014, I Wayne is looking forward to going back on the road, sharing his energy with his fans and generating new ideas.
                                                                Black Am I

Rising star Black Am I is a protégée of Damian Marley and Ghetto Youths International. In the summer of 2014, Black Am I performed as one of the opening acts for Damian Marley, performing at large scale music events such as the California Roots Music and Arts Festival in Monterey, CA.
Along with embarking on the I & I U.S. Tour 2014, Black Am I will perform with Shaggy, Etana, Wayne Marshall, Christopher Ellis, Tarrus Riley and other reggae greats on the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, hosted by Damian Marley, from Oct. 20-25.
Black Am I was born Owen Davis on Nov. 17, 1984 in Nine Miles, JA, the birthplace of reggae icon Bob Marley. In honor of Robert Nesta Marley, Black Am I received the nickname I-Nesta from his father. He began writing lyrics at age 16 and recorded his first demo CD in 2005. He derived his moniker from his song “Black Am I” the first track he recorded for Ghetto Youths International. The song promotes black pride, solidarity and self-determination.
“The song says that I am black and I won’t be doing certain things like bleaching my skin; and I will stick to my roots and culture,” said Black Am I.
Other notable tracks by Black Am I include “Modern Day Freedom,” and “Sound System.”
Vocally, Black Am I considers himself a singjay; his influences include, naturally, Bob Marley as well as fiery roots reggae artists such as Damian Marley, Tarrus Riley Sizzla Kolonji, Jah Mason and Jah Cure.
“I’ve always wanted to do music could inspire people and could have the kind of impact that Bob Marley’s music has,” said Black Am I. “My message to the youth is to take life serious, and make sure that you know that education is the key. Do what you love and love what you do, and do it to the best of your ability.”
TourNentertainment, a “meeting place for artists, bands and promoters,” was founded by Albert “Pretty” Cooke, Tressa Wells and Alreca Smith. Cooke, an AR agent, also works as tour manager for P. Diddy, Stephen and Damian Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead and others.
The first part of our name says it all-TOUR,” said Cooke. “We book tours. We are focused on cutting wasteful spending, from which neither the artists or the promoters benefit. By being on tour, bands are more accessible. More people hear and see them perform. They have opportunity to sell their records and other merchandise that brings in additional income and keep promotion. Promoters are encouraged to stay in the business of bringing good music to the masses while the bands and artists have the opportunity to deliver their music and other wares. We are the meeting point between the point of origin of music and the point of consumption; our mission is to satisfy the souls and soothe the savage beasts of music lovers and promoters.”

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Tanya Asaki "I Love You Still".

Tanya AsakiCD title : I Love You StillGenre: ReggaeCountry: Jamaica

Introducing . . . . . Tanya Asaki!The lovely and very talented Tanya Asaki has always been involved in music from her early days in Canada. Recognizing her amazing gift from the beginning, her Jamaican parents and friends encouraged her music education through college. Now having already toured parts of the world and established herself as an artiste of quality, she is ready to take it to the next level with the release of her latest single, “I Love You Still.”Continuing the high level of excellence Tanya has maintained thus far in her career, “I Love You Still” was co-written and produced by Bobby Treasure of Treasure Chest Productions and developed and mixed by Stephen McGregor of Big Ship Studio . “I Love You Still” is an engaging Dancehall/Pop song that showcases her enchanting voice and draws the listener into the experience. Take a listen and see for yourself why she is getting attention from around the world!Attached is Tanya Asaki’s latest single, “I Love You Still,” for your listening pleasure.Facebook: Twitter- – Evett Baker (876)467.1892

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Happy 420 Day