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The Culture Coalition presents: The Elite Riddim

Your favorite Bahamian Reggae artists are back with another exciting compilation album, ‘The Elite Riddim’. Backed by the Culture Coalition, The Elite Riddim features artists Jah Hem, Sammi Starr, Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson, CJ Priest, Jah Nyne, Raquel Oliver and many more.

Jah Hem is yearning for some sweet love with his release ‘Can’t Get Enough’. CJ Priest croons another lover’s rock ballad with ‘Spend My Whole Life’. Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson responds with the song, ‘My Love Won’t Fade’, a reassurance that she will be dedicated to him for better or worse. Sammi Starr belts out his love in ‘For You’, a song that will make any woman feel like she’s been placed on a pedestal. Raquel Oliver gives advice to all the lovers who fall head over heels in love with, ‘When Love Comes Knocking’. The duet featuring Ching is a mix of R&B, dancehall and listeners won’t be able to get enough. Taking a turn from amorous love is Jah Nyne, a hard-core culture artist with his release ‘Righteousness ah di Medicine’ which speaks about love for country and is commentary on contemporary social issues. 

Reggae Music lovers will enjoy the Elite Riddim to the fullest. Culture Coalition members BuffBoo Records, Culture Shock, Dion da Butcha, Cutting Edge, DJ Reality Events and Frontline Productions have joined their efforts to promote Bahamian artists performing Reggae Music worldwide. The Elite Riddim is just the beginning.

Now Playing on the Streetwise Ultra Mix and Big Splif's 420 Reggae.

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March 21, 2011



Grammy nominated reggae artist Sister Carol continues her 2011 International Women’s Month Tour with the Yellow Wall Dub Squad. The socially and politically conscious singer/DJ  kicked off her U.S. tour at the Ashkenaz Music and Dance Center March 11 in Berkeley, CA, as a fundraiser for renowned Yellow Wall Dub Squad bassist Louis “Chellem” Roxburgh, who passed away in Jamaica earlier this year. The tour wraps up at Club Caribbean in New Orleans, April 3. Sister Carol is currently celebrating her 30th anniversary as a major player in the music industry. Pieces from “Black Cinderella” clothing line will be available for purchase.

Management: Robert Oyugi
Ujama Designs LLC
1107 12th St #517
Boulder, CO 80302


Wed Mar 23: The Mangy Moose Saloon. West McCollister Dr.Teton Village, WY.
Thur Mar 24: Bar Deluxe 668 S State St. Salt Lake City, UT
Fri Mar 25: Bear Creek Saloon 475 Lewis St Pagosa Springs, CO
Sat March 26: Quixotes 2151 Lawrence Street, Denver. CO
Sun Mar 27: The Brick House1346 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
Tue Mar 29: Crosstown Station 1522 McGee Street Kansas City, MO
Wed Mar 30: 2720 Cherokee 2720 Cherokee St Louis, Missouri
Fri Apr1: Caribbean Hut 1316 Antioch Pike. Nashville, TN
Sat Apr 2: Flamingo Cantina: 515 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Sun Apr 3: Club Caribbean 2443 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, Louisiana


Sister Carol East, aka Mother Culture aka  Black Cinderella, was born Carol Theresa East on January 15, 1959 in Kingston, Jamaica. Her odyssey began in the ghetto of Denham Town, Kingston in the midst of the exploding Jamaican music scene;  and she has grown to become one of Jamaica’s top entertainers and a global icon.
Sister Carol’s formative years were spent at St Anne’s Primary School and Mico-Practicing All-Age School. Her father, Howard East, was a senior engineer who dedicated his life to his career at Radio Jamaica Rediffusion, the number one radio station during that time. He was also a very important part of the Studio One and Treasure Isle sound.  He regularly participated in sessions with the legendary Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. These early influences not only left an indelible mark on Sister Carol’s heart but also drew her closer to the infusion of the music industry.
At the age of 14, Sister Carol’s  family immigrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1973. The thriving dancehall scene of New York City led this young rising star to a path that would acknowledge her talents with multiple awards, television appearances, sold out concerts and movies.
Following in the footsteps of her mentor and friend, DJ Brigadier Jerry, her musical career began after winning talent contests in both Kingston and New York. Sister Carol was offered an opening slot for one of Jamaica’s finest vocal trios, The Mediations who had been the harmony backup vocals for Bob Marley.
This opportunity opened the door for her to record her first two records “Liberation for Africa” on the Serious Gold Label 1983 and “Black Cinderella” on Jah Life Label 1984, bringing her greatest talents, personality and vibe to a wider audience establishing herself firmly in the dancehall/DJ movement. During this time, she dominated the music scene winning the coveted “Best Female DJ” for five consecutive years from 1983 – 1987. With these accolades behind her, Sister Carol established her own Black Cinderella record label in 1989.
In the midst of her success as an artist, Sister Carol continued to pursue an education, attending City College of New York, where she obtained a B.Sc. degree in education in 1984. A true testament of her resilient spirit and energy spans nearly three decades in a male dominated industry, Sister Carol is a trailblazer for women in reggae. Her music carries a social message for people all over the world. Her message is rich with cultural heritage and infused with a vital social consciousness that permeates every aspect of life in the new millennium. (Hence her title, “Mother Culture”).
From east coast to west coast, Sister Carol reigns as the Queen of Reggae.
Her prolific music career includes more than 12 albums/CDs, a Grammy nomination for “Best Reggae Album” in 1997, “Most Outstanding Reggae Artist” two consecutive years (1997 and 1998) “Queen of Reggae” in 2000 in Detroit Michigan, a New York City Council Proclamation celebrating Jamaica’s 39th year of independence and honoring Jamaicans in New York for outstanding cultural contribution to life in the city of New York in 2001, Institute of Caribbean Studies Wash. DC’s  Cultural Heritage Award for Excellence in Music” in 2004 and a Lifetime Achievement recognition in 2008 in Columbus, Ohio, to name a few.
A showcase of Sister Carol’s greatest achievements includes the 2001 release of “All I Have Is Love"/Tribute To Studio One on the Easy Star/Black Cinderella/Napticorn label and recording her first live CD "Direct Hit" for release on the Catapult/Black Cinderella label.
In 2003 Sister Carol released "Empressive" CD on the "Black Cinderella label” which was also released in France on the m10 label the following year. In 2004- 2005 she toured France, New Caledonia, West Africa and U.S. promoting  “Empressive. In 2006 she celebrated her “Silver Jubilee” as a solo artist releasing a new CD/DVD "1Derful Words” on the Black Cinderella label. In 2007 she recorded a single titled "Dancing Shoes" with Bunny Wailer a former band member of Bob Marley and the Wailers.
Sister Carol has had numerous interviews in mainstream media, appearing twice on NBC’s David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien,  New York at Nite with Clint Holmes WORT.V., VH1 with Nile Rodgers, Good Morning America with Bryant Gumbel as well as earning praises in the print media such as Billboard, The Village Voice and many others.
She was the familiar voice behind NBCTV Night Music with Jools Holland and David Sanborn as the MC. In 1999 Tuff Gong, the label started by reggae icon Bob Marley, released Sister Carol’s “Isis the Original Womb-man.”
Beyond her music career, Sister Carol burst onto the silver screen in 1986 in her first feature film “Something Wild” with Melaine Griffths and Jeff Daniels,  followed by “Married to the Mob” with Michelle Pfeiffer,             Dean Sockwell and Matthew Modine in 1988 and most recently Oscar nominated “Rachel Getting Married,” with Anne Hathaway. All three movies directed by the awarding director Jonathan Demme.
Along with an amazing professional career, Sister Carol’s  personal life stands firm. She has been married for more than two decades and is a dedicated mother of four and a dotting grandmother of six-- her true pride and joy.
On the horizon, Sister Carol continues her entrepreneurial spirit with her “Black Cinderella” clothing line with a CD produced by Glen Adams of Hippie Boys and Wailers fame and a duet CD of collaboration with many other artists in the works for release soon. Sister Carol also appears in the soon to be released Bob Marley documentary “Stay With the Rhythm.” Sister Carol is a Warrior Queen and a true Renaissance woman who continues to tour the world and teach her message in her musical classrooms – The majestic vibrations continue. For more information on this dynamic artist, visit

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A sonic adventure in genre-bending dub & reggae from "Canada's Dread At The Controls"
(Don Lett's BBC Radio / Grammy Award Winner)

One of Canada's premiere dub, reggae & electro artist / producers & 2010 JUNO Award Winner for Best Reggae Recording.

Having just returned from a massive Summer Festival Tour of Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal) with special guest Brother Culture (UK’s top MC who appears on the latest Prodigy release), Toronto’s Dubmatix is back with his 4th CD release “System Shakedown” - 13 tracks of heavy bass sounds that will shake the foundations of sound systems worldwide. This new release spans a musical range of Rocksteady, Dubstep, Dub, Roots, Electro to Future Shock Dub and Drum'n'Bass. During the past 18 months Dubmatix has been busy in the studio producing, recipient of a 2010 JUNO Award for Best Reggae Recording, and on the road with 7 tours across Canada, Mexico and Europe, as well as collaborating with various artists/bands worldwide including original Big Audio Dynamite member & Grammy Winner - Don Letts, remixing a track for the now classic Easy All Stars breakout release “Dub Side of the Moon” (due for release late 2010), studio work with one of Canada’s top indie rock acts U.S.S. (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) – and a collaborative remix with U.S.S. for Motown’s latest hit group Down With Webster.

"Dubmatix, one man with a relentlessly inventive approach to reverb, rhythm, and reggae - the Primary colors on any dub producers palette (iTunes Canada )

Having imprinted his name in the minds of reggae fans Worldwide with his debut release Champion Sound Clash in 2004, the Toronto-born producer is now firmly established as one of the top reggae producers worldwide - with three chart-topping releases, that includes the 2009 JUNO Nominated “Renegade Rocker” and the2010 JUNO Award Win for Best Reggae Recording plus International acclaim and a list of collaborations that include some of reggae’s most influential legends such as the late Alton Ellis (The Godfather of Rocksteady), The Mighty Diamonds, Michael Rose (Black Uhuru & Grammy Award Winner) and many more.

"Canadian producer, Dubmatix, creates some of the freshest reggae around"
(Dermot Hussey XM Radio "The Joint")

Music runs deep within the veins as does the various musical styles Dubmatix brings to his fresh, distinctive productions - from pure, old-school King Tubby dub to the freshest electro-shock to classic conscious roots to Drum'n'Bass and more. Growing up, Dubmatix spent countless hours recording first on a 4-track reel-to-reel tape machine and later, one of the first 12-track digital home studio’s of the 80s. Recording rock, blues, acid, reggae and more – Dubmatix honed his musical skills for writing, arranging and recording. A multi-instrumentalist, Dubmatix performs all instruments on each release that include Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Melodica, Percussion.

Dubmatix brings these years of experimentation and learning to his current productions – whether it is his own material or outside projects. Dubmatix has developed a unique signature sound and style that is immediately recognizable – a Phil Spector-esque full sound utilizing heavy bass, majestic horn lines, thick-set percussive grooves, and strong production values. It is this unique style and sound that has made Dubmatix much sought after by artists and bands worldwide to bring his distinct flavor to their recordings.

"One of the best makers of Dub in this Country" (Garvia Bailey - CBC Radio Canada)

What’s next?
With the 2010 JUNO Win and Touring Schedule Dubmatix is busier than ever with slotted remixes for a multitude of artists worldwide, two scheduled Dubmatix dub-oriented albums, an electro side-project (Joint Chiefs of Staff), remix album of System Shakedown, and producing outside projects for other bands.

2010 JUNO Award Winner for Best Reggae Recording
2009 JUNO Award Nomination for Best Reggae Recording
2009 Producer of the Year –Reggae Achievement Awards Canada
2008 Exclaim Magazine Best Reggae Album of the Year
2008 #1 Reggae Album of the Year Chart Magazine

CD Releases
1. 2004 Champion Sound Clash
2. 2006 Atomic Subsonic
3. 2008 Renegade Rocker
4. 2010 System Shakedown

Digital Releases
1. Dubmatix meets Howie Smart 2007
2. Dread & Gold Vol. I 2007
3. Dubmatix meets Prince Blanco 2008
4. Dubmatix meets Prince Blanco 2009
5. Dubmatix “Rough Out Riddim” feat. Howie Smart, Fitti Warri, Hornsman Coyote, Mighty Howard 2010
6. Dubmatix meets Freddylocks “Power EP” 2009
7. Dubmatix meets Nate Wize - Renegade Remixes Vol. 1 2010
8. The Berlin Sessions 2010

Vinyl Releases
1. Dubmatix feat. Ranking Joe “War Inna Corner” 2008
2. Dubmatix feat. Howie Smart “Rough Out The Road” 2009
3. Dubmatix feat. Fitti Warri “Honourable & Devine” 2009
4. Dubmatix feat. Mighty Howard “Irieness” 2009
5. Dubmatix feat. Tippa Irie “Happy” 2010
6. Abassi All-Stars meets Dubmatix “Eko Dub” 2010

A few notable Remixes
1. The Clash “London Calling” Shatter The Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribute To Joe 2010
2. John Brown’s Body “Re-Amplify” (#8 Billboard Chart)
3. Easy All Stars “Breathe” for Dub Side Of The Moon remixed 2010/2011 release
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Binghi Bob Fiya


The entertainment circuit now boasts a talented "roots rocker", destined for great achievements. Armed with sure fire confidence and a following of loyal fans, Binghi Bob Fiya is success bound. This herald the dawn of his musical beginnings.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Binghi amidst the cultural inner city energy and vibe of infectious rhythms of ground breaking stars such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Israel Vibration, all of whom bears excellent musical history.
Binghi Bob Fiya began his quest for musical acclaim. Like every aspiring artist yearning for a hit song, Binghi Bob Fiya recorded a few tracks for various Producers. His lyrics are inspired by the bible, and as a devout reader, his music is a reflection of the spirituality, love and devotion.
In 2002 Binghi Bob was inspired to pen and record a track encouraging people, to read their bible. This inspiration came to fruition and everyone embraced the single simply called B.I.B.L.E (basic instructions before leaving earth). This resulted in an instant chart topping success across the United States, Jamaica and sections of Europe. The track remained on the radio charts for eighteen weeks and ultimately achieved number twenty-six on the New york top 100 chart for the year 2002. This created a domino effect throughout other cities and the success of B.I.B.L.E is celebrated worldwide.
In 2010 Binghi Princess Muzik  started a new campaign to get the album ready for 2011. Binghi Bob Fiya released "Bless" and topped the charts enjoying the success of yet another single,number one spot in Jamaica. Here comes "nuh mash it up" the latest single which is taking over and charted worldwide.
Binghi has since received numerous print and electronic interviews, and performed throughout the United States and Jamaica. he is currently in studio putting the finishing touch on his debut album and continues to walk with the knowledge of his BIBLE.

Binghi Fiya
Binghi Princess Muzik, Inc
Jamaica:  tel (876) 283-2541!/binghifiya

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rocky Dawuni Nominated for NAACP Image Award

Image by Anna Jarske via Flickr

Story by Shelah Moody
Photos by Rachel Samuel

          Known for his conscious lyrics, contagious rhythms and syncopated reggae vocals, Rocky Dawuni has been called the Bob Marley of Ghana.
Recently, the African artist made history by being nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding World Music Album for his 2010 CD, “Hymns for the Rebel Soul.”
 The 42nd NAACP Image Awards will be held on March 4th and televised on the FOX channel. Dawuni, who currently lives in Los Angeles, shares the Outstanding World Music Album nomination with luminaries such as Angelique Kidjo (“Oyo”), Herbie Hancock (“The Imagine Project”).  the Bay Area’s own Michael Franti (“The Sound of Sunshine”) and Bobby McFerrin (“VOCAbularies”).
Dawuni wrote and parts of “Hymns for a Rebel Soul,” in various parts of the world including Israel and Finland. Since the release of “Hymns for the Rebel Soul,” Dawuni has been quite busy. He has toured Germany, Austria and Canada.     Two songs from the “Hymns….”  “Download the Revolution” and “African Reggae Fever” were featured on the “FIFA WORLD CUP” and “FIFA SOCCER 2010” video games, which have sold millions worldwide. Last year, the singer/songwriter toured Germany, Austria and Canada, sharing the stage with influential leaders such as Deepak Chopra.
 Earlier this year, Dawuni was invited to perform at the Vatican sponsored Journey of the Itinerary of the Soul festival  in Rome, Italy.  This month, he will appear in concert at Accra Stadium in Ghana.
Dawuni was born on a military base in Accra, Ghana, a politically charged environment where he developed his global sensibilities. Dawuni was consistently exposed to socially conscious reggae and Afro Beat music.  Dawuni’s late father, Koyatu, was a village chief as well as a member of the Ghanaian military.
Throughout his career, Dawuni has collaborated with Stevie Wonder, (who has also lived in Ghana) and is one of Dawuni’s  biggest supporters.
I caught up with Dawuni for an extended phone interview.

Shelah Moody: I know that you’ve been working hard, performing regularly in southern California. and touring the world. How does it feel to be nominated for an NAACP Image Award?

Rocky Dawuni: When there is recognition by an organization like the NAACP, what it does is, it inspires me more to keep working harder. At the same time, it’s also a validation that all of my years of hard work are being noticed. All of the artists I was nominated with—I really respect and I also grew up as a fan of their music. It’s really an honor to be nominated in their company. It’s really something to celebrate and the Ghanaian people and the Ghanaian media are very excited and everybody has been rooting for me. They’re like, ‘you have to win!” But for me, being nominated is already winning.

SM: What is it about your music that touches people?

RD: Well, from the onset, I have always seen music as one of the highest means of communication. Also, I have always strived to use my music as a means to spread awareness of God; awareness of consciousness. I’ve also tried to use it as a means to spread the message of peace and togetherness among people. Around the age of five, I felt I had that gift of communication through music.  I gravitated to these sounds that were very prominent in the military barracks. At the same time I felt that I was going to use the music to transform lives either through drawing attention to social issues or me personally using it to create a platform where I can personally be involved in people’s lives and help them create a transformation in their lives. As much as it may sound very ambitious, I’ve always worked very hard to walk the talk whenever the opportunity provides itself.

SM: What tribe are you from and what does your sir name, “Dawuni” mean?

RD: Dawuni means ‘son of God,’ actually. My tribe is called Konkomba  from the northern region of Ghana. I’ve been fortunate to be one of the northern artists from Ghana who has had the chance to gain prominence through music. Now, there is a whole movement of northern artists who are doing very well in Ghana.

SM: You have a song on “Hymns for a Rebel Soul” called “Extraordinary Woman.” I know that three extraordinary women in your life are your mother, AsibiDawuni,  your wife, Cary and your daughter, Safiyah. What inspired you to write  “Extraordinary Woman?”

RD: When you grow up in a place like Africa and you work a lot around issues that have to do with health and education, women’s issues also become a cornerstone of your work. Being from the northern part of Ghana, I have always tried to use my position to bring attention to the need for education for young girls. A lot of time, because of issues of poverty and culture, women sometimes get a little bit left behind when it comes to issues of education. I felt that as an artist, this is one area where I could totally make a difference. I’ve been advocating for that for a while.  Also, there are issues to do with upliftment and empowerment of women in our communities in Africa. ‘Extraordinary Woman’ is a love song, but at the same time, it pays homage to womanhood and what womanhood has done for not only me, but for the whole world. The world is what it is because of women. Women perpetuate creation. There needs to be that recognition and respect of that. You only need to turn on the TV new s to see so many places where women’s rights are being violated. Wherever there is war, places like the Congo and Afghanistan, women suffer more. I feel that I am part of a generation that is trying very hard to change the stereotypes and traditional views of how women are treated. Hopefully, by the next generation, we will realize that when we empower women, we empower the world. Most of the people who have been influential in my career have been women, and this song is also about acknowledging their contributions and support for me throughout the years.  

          Incidentally,  portion of “Hymns for a Rebel Soul” will benefit Africa Live!, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, restore, and reinvigorate the Ghanaian music scene, creating public and industry awareness for its rich history and value, and commercial opportunities for artists and the community.

For more information on Rocky Dawuni and “Hymns for a Rebel Soul,” go to and
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