Sunday, March 13, 2011

Binghi Bob Fiya


The entertainment circuit now boasts a talented "roots rocker", destined for great achievements. Armed with sure fire confidence and a following of loyal fans, Binghi Bob Fiya is success bound. This herald the dawn of his musical beginnings.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Binghi amidst the cultural inner city energy and vibe of infectious rhythms of ground breaking stars such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Israel Vibration, all of whom bears excellent musical history.
Binghi Bob Fiya began his quest for musical acclaim. Like every aspiring artist yearning for a hit song, Binghi Bob Fiya recorded a few tracks for various Producers. His lyrics are inspired by the bible, and as a devout reader, his music is a reflection of the spirituality, love and devotion.
In 2002 Binghi Bob was inspired to pen and record a track encouraging people, to read their bible. This inspiration came to fruition and everyone embraced the single simply called B.I.B.L.E (basic instructions before leaving earth). This resulted in an instant chart topping success across the United States, Jamaica and sections of Europe. The track remained on the radio charts for eighteen weeks and ultimately achieved number twenty-six on the New york top 100 chart for the year 2002. This created a domino effect throughout other cities and the success of B.I.B.L.E is celebrated worldwide.
In 2010 Binghi Princess Muzik  started a new campaign to get the album ready for 2011. Binghi Bob Fiya released "Bless" and topped the charts enjoying the success of yet another single,number one spot in Jamaica. Here comes "nuh mash it up" the latest single which is taking over and charted worldwide.
Binghi has since received numerous print and electronic interviews, and performed throughout the United States and Jamaica. he is currently in studio putting the finishing touch on his debut album and continues to walk with the knowledge of his BIBLE.

Binghi Fiya
Binghi Princess Muzik, Inc
Jamaica:  tel (876) 283-2541!/binghifiya

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