Monday, March 28, 2011

The Culture Coalition presents: The Elite Riddim

Your favorite Bahamian Reggae artists are back with another exciting compilation album, ‘The Elite Riddim’. Backed by the Culture Coalition, The Elite Riddim features artists Jah Hem, Sammi Starr, Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson, CJ Priest, Jah Nyne, Raquel Oliver and many more.

Jah Hem is yearning for some sweet love with his release ‘Can’t Get Enough’. CJ Priest croons another lover’s rock ballad with ‘Spend My Whole Life’. Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson responds with the song, ‘My Love Won’t Fade’, a reassurance that she will be dedicated to him for better or worse. Sammi Starr belts out his love in ‘For You’, a song that will make any woman feel like she’s been placed on a pedestal. Raquel Oliver gives advice to all the lovers who fall head over heels in love with, ‘When Love Comes Knocking’. The duet featuring Ching is a mix of R&B, dancehall and listeners won’t be able to get enough. Taking a turn from amorous love is Jah Nyne, a hard-core culture artist with his release ‘Righteousness ah di Medicine’ which speaks about love for country and is commentary on contemporary social issues. 

Reggae Music lovers will enjoy the Elite Riddim to the fullest. Culture Coalition members BuffBoo Records, Culture Shock, Dion da Butcha, Cutting Edge, DJ Reality Events and Frontline Productions have joined their efforts to promote Bahamian artists performing Reggae Music worldwide. The Elite Riddim is just the beginning.

Now Playing on the Streetwise Ultra Mix and Big Splif's 420 Reggae.

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