Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Innovator, The girls DJ, Mr. Mix-up and Blender, God of Slangs, Mr. New Talk. Just a few of the name used to describe the DJ born Donte Dawyer, formally known as Blacka Ranks, now known as Blacker. If you want to know what's new or what's clicking in the dancehall, just talk to Blacker for two minutes. Whether he created it or not, he has them all locked. 'Ah suh di ting set up'. 'nuh duh mi dat'... 'how dat drop een'. 'Yuh suppose to'. 'of course'. 'wid attitude' . he has them all. Many to this day do not know that it was Blacker who coined the world renowned phrase 'Toppa-top' (Top of the top). But ask Bounty Killer and he will tell you Blacker was first to use it.
And if you think Blacker is light weight, ask Sound System selector ace Tony Materhorn about the night Blacker went toe-to-toe with his mentor, Grammy ace Shabba Ranks, to the delight of all girls who were present. Donte will proudly tell you when he was asked by a promoter to close a show that Jodeci had performed on at the height of their career.
Mr. Been There, Done that. and now he is back with hit after hit, song after song. After the mega international hit 'A gal jus a watch yuh' (with Alton Blacka) in the mid 1990's, Blacker is kicking again with Attitude, Run di Place Look, Tek Off Supm, Ting Deh, Blue Bomber and many more.
There is one thing every man wishes he could do consistently. Well. one of the many things most men wish they could do. That is always knowing the right thing to say to a girl to make her smile. Donte has mastered that art with the lines he comes up with in the hooks of his songs. This ability has brought him admiration from fans all across the female spectrum, from female radio personalities, Christian women and even the elderly lasses. And he has never detracted from the topic of women. Donte has never recorded a song that was not about girls. Never!! And it would seem that the immediate future holds of the same for the real toppa-top Girls dem DJ. As he would put it "Dem seh dem hype, but nobody hype like Blacker."
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