Friday, January 4, 2013


Yet again, Streetwise Radio is playing artists that are not well known to me. I’ve never heard of Iration, a Reggae group from Santa Barbara, California. Iration really started on the Caribbean island of Montserrat in the West Indies. With three brothers Mario (keyboards), Patricio (bass), and Gino (drums) Zamorano, they were exiled from Pinochet government of Chile in 1973. In 1981 they migrated to the U.S.A. In 1983 Iration was born. Their first performance was a talent show, at Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey in 1986. Iration began playing college circuits in the US. Iration plays mostly Sunshine Reggae. Sunshine Reggae is a subgenre which is said to bring the "tropical vibes". It is mostly played with a positive or cheerful attitude. This music is played around tropical hotels and resorts. Iration does this kind of Reggae well. While listening to their music, I can see why Iration is considered a Sunshine Reggae Band. Iration means creation in the patois dialect which is spoken in most of the Caribbean islands where English is the primary language. Iration recorded and released their first full length album “No Time for Rest” in 2007. The single off this album “Cookie Jar” reached number one in Hawaii on 93.9 DaBeat. Their music grooves and the lyrics are catchy with meaning. I really like Iration they are a fantastic band with a lot of great meaningful music, which is easy to listen too. Some of the songs that they sing that are my favorites are “Fire”, “Time Bomb”, “Falling”, "Work It Out", “Cookie Jar”, “All In You”, “Wait And See” and “Turn Around”. Iration is a band that I could listen to a lot. They are deftly going on my play list. Streetwise Radio will continue bringing you not well known and new groups like Iration. Also listen to Streetwise Radio on iTunes, MyGen365,s, Live365, Athena365 and Pandora.


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