Sunday, February 22, 2015


By. Amero

Wow it seems as if time just whizzes by it already the end of the first month
in 2015. I know I shouldn't bring it up because it just makes me feel older
but anyway. When it comes to youth its kinda hard to understand what the
heck drives them to do what they do. I mean I can't explain why I did the
things I did as a youngster but we as adults tend to wonder. The reason I
say this is because of Jamaican dancehall sensation Alkaline. The young
artist is gaining momentum in his career and his new song “Wul Di Claffy
Dem’ has the young crowd pumped up. His youthful voice and rapid fire
lyrics are his penchant. The song has a catchy hook that makes it easy
to follow and Alkaline like his name seems to rap like he's full of batteries.
But why do the youth love him so well? I think its because of his off the
record antics that they are attracted to. When you look at the Alkaline all
you can notice is his blacked out eyes like some vampire from the movie
Underworld. No really he has no whites in his eyes.
At first you think wow such creepy contacts he has but when you get
into the meat and potatoes of the story it seems that he has tattooed his
eye balls. Yes its not a typo. Stories have floated around that his eyes
are tattooed black. When asked about his eyes Alkaline says, "its for the
attention but also because I'm calm and contented this way". "Any artist
or entertainer of any caliber wants to maintain the spotlight". I guess so
but I’ll pass myself. To make this story even more strange is that a fellow
Jamaican artist named Mace tried to follow suit and get his eyes tatted
black and wound up in the hospital. So I think that its safe to say that
those are not contacts in his eyes. Young people (not all youngsters) like to
follow crazy and different ideas so think that's the draw but in this case doing
something that's not normal. Alkaline does have major talent and in some
weird way knows how to market himself so i cannot say hes right or wrong
for his actions. I just hope nobody goes blind doing this type of stuff. Well
then again instead of writing his lyrics he can use talk to text app. So go
ahead with your bad self Alkaline keep making headlines. Alkaline and
other great dancehall music can be heard o g Splif 420 Reggae Show at
 4:30 pm and 10pm everyday on Streetwise Radio. Sponsored by Streetwise
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