Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Fastest Rising Star in Jamaican History. Gully Bop

The Fastest Rising Star in Jamaican History
By. Amero
Once again we are coming to you from Streetwise Radio where we are 

changing the way you listen to music.I have an amazing story to unfold!!
When dreaming of success or a career one tends to always wish for an
immediate ascension to the top of the field. The notion that you can bypass
the hurdles and pitfalls of becoming successful in the career you choose. 
The proverbial Rags to riches story. The Phoenix that rises from the ashes. 
The story starts in Jamaica with a 50 year old artist named Gully Bop. 
Picture the toothless guy begging for change in front of your local liquor 
store. Then add near 3rd world poverty surroundings and you have his
launching point. Seriously Gully Bop is allegedly homeless, formerly a
drug addict and mentally ill. So I know by now your asking,so how does
this story end well? It all starts from a youtube acapella freestyle video “ 
Wuk Affa Mi” that sprung him into Dj’s attention. Gully Bop became a 
street sensation overnight. Dj’s began putting his freestyle's onto beats and
Gully took off. Coming out of the Sea View neighborhood, young people 
gravitated to his music.Gully Bop began recording an album almost 
immediately. Gully’s first two recordings ‘My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me’ 
and Body Specialist’ were instant hits and he joined the ranks of the top
Jamaican artists in less than two weeks. In little over a month Gully Bop has 
found fame, wealth and even love. Gully Bop was a headliner at Jamaica’s
annual Magnum Sting which is the biggest dance hall festival on the island
and he ripped it according to fans. Following the successful show Gully had
to get ready to pack his bags if he had any at all because a world tour was
being negotiated and finalized. The tour has stops in Stockholm,London
and New York to name a few. Gully Bop is really about his money. He
had offers from two American doctors for oral surgery to fix his grill but he
put off the appointments till after his first tour. ( I guess if he made it this
far without teeth why would he need them now..) What makes Gully Bop
so popular is the old dude can actually rap and I mean he has flavor. I
was primed and ready for a two minute and thirty second laugh at some
old bum but instead i wound up with my mind blown away. I can most
assertively say he has the voice that is just perfect for dance hall. I'm
actually mad that this dude has been sitting on a crate for the last 1000
years when he could have been on our playlists in heavy rotation.You have
to check out Gully Bop. His tour starts in March and you can hear him on 

Big Splif 420 Reggae at 5:30 pm and again at 10pm pacific time. Brought
 to you by Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. PEACE OUT!!

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