Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jah Fenixx

Jah Fenixx Bio

Born in the city of Montego Bay, Parish of St. James, Jamaica; Donald Fogah(Jah Fenixx) was raised by his parents in the parish of Clarendon. Jah Fenixx grew up in the small town of Free Town, Jamaica. Attended the Brown's Basic School in Free Town, then on to Free Town Primary where he did well. Three years later he moved to Old Harbour, St. Catherine where he attended the Old Harbour Primary School and exceeded to Old Harbour High School, where he did  wonders at that school. Moved on from there to attend the Heart Trust NTA, Spring Village, St. Catherine where he did exceedingly well. While attending high school Jah Fenixx started his first Recordings of his lyrics at Zion Yard Studio in Old Harbour. Jah Fenixx lived a life of an average decent young man. He is the first child of his mother's three children and the fourth of his father's eleven children. With one older sister and two older brothers He soon realized that he had to be the one to try and help himself because his parents had too many responsibilities, which to his eyes seemed impossible at the time. His parents separated at the age of Twelve years young where his father took him and a few more of his own, his mother took the others. That was when his I-ma moved to live in the neighbouring community of Sandy Bay, Clarendon. Growing up to see a poor family is enough to make anyone discouraged but could not make Jah Fenixx faulter. This gave Jah Fenixx motivational drive and actually helped him to discover his character...His Destiny to Rise! While growing up in the community of Free Town he was a great Icon of is his Peers, he embodied certain qualities and was always the observing type. Sandy Bay is where he started to gain strength for his music career, doing some recordings with Fire Royal Records. Jah Fenixx has a burning Desire to make it better not only for himself but the ones and ones around him as well as the music. This Burning Desire is what has created and developed Jah Fenixx the "Inflammable...Eva Burnin."

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