Monday, November 2, 2009


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, RAS D began writing at a very early age and he has been a contributing talent for jingles used in Jamaican radio and TV advertising. He recalls music as being a part of everyday life in Jamaica; the air filled with the blast of reggae and dance hall coming from every direction. The sounds of music is everywhere and always in the air. It's a necessary food; as common as rice and peas. We must hear it everyday to sustain life in Jamaica. Song is used to express everything. From the time we are small children we learn old songs and make up new ones. Then we reach adulthood, we sing about what goes on with the people and the powers that govern them.
All original lyrics and music, RAS D prophetically delivers a message to America and to the world, promoting peace, love and health. The message is straight and forward; a mix of lyrics and music swirling with rhythm and harmony.
 GIVE SOME LOVE TODAY ,' addresses social concerns of today from an anti-smoking message to a more serious reflection on 9/11. Songs include September 11 th ; Peace Call; Hail To The King; It's a dirty habit/ Cigarette Smoking; Love and Devotion to name a few. The CD also features performances by the talents of Andrew Tosh, Jr. Toots, Under-P, vocalist Regina Espinoza and the voice of Brendan Munroe, RAS D's youngest son.
The singer, songwriter's style can be described as a progression of reggae and dancehall rhythms, bridging R&B and POP music into a healthy bubbling roots soup;
It's good for the soul.
RAS D now resides in California and is available for interviews and bookings.
Email: or call (510) 289-5418. 
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