Monday, December 14, 2009


Beenie Man live beim Bob Marley Birthday Bash ...

Beenie Man (aka Anthony Moses Davis) was born in the tough Waterhouse
district of Kingston Jamaica, on August 22, 1973. The first time I heard
of Beenie Man was in 2000, “Girls Dem Sugar“ featuring Mya was playing on
the radio, Beenie Man knew he wanted to become a DJ when he was a
toodler. By the time he was eight, he took first prize at the national
Teeny Talent contest, This led to a meeting with producer Junjo Lawes
who recorded Beenie’s debut single “Too Fancy.” By the time he was ten,
he was appearing with DJ heavyweights Dillinger and Fathead. Beenie’s
debut album The Invincible Beenie Man came out when he was 10 years old.
In 1984 Beenie Man’s career was put on hold while he finished school.
Beenie returned in the 1990s, he appeared at Reggae Sunsplash in 1992, he
felt he was ready for the big guns. Bounty Killer was Beenies first
target, because Bounty Killer stole his catch phrase “people dead,” and
the war was on. In 1993 at a national show celebrating the visit of Nelson
Mandela, he was booed off the stage, he left Kingston for almost a year.
Beenie returned a year later, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man reconciled and
split a album “Guns Out”. Beenie’s single “No Mama No Cry” a version of
Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry,” the song was inspired by the murder of
fellow DJ Pan Head. “No Mama No Cry” brought Beenie instant acclaim, this
single was the guiding light that turned Beenie toward his Rastafarianism.
In 1994 “Defend It” and “Dis Unu Fi Hear” were released, they were more
cultural raps and hardcore dance hall sound. Beenie was named DJ of the
Year Award in 1994, he released the Blessed album this album feature
dancehall smash “Slam”. Beenie Man hosted Sun Splash in Jamaica in 1998,
shortly after that he signed with Virgin Records in the U.S.. From this
union Beenie cracked out song after song “The Doctor” was a instant
dance hall classic. In 1999 Y2K was a album that mentioned the millennium
bug, AIDS and illiteracy. the hits just kept on coming. In the 2000
Beenie Man teamed up with artists Wyclef Jean, Fugees, Arturo Sandoval
and released Art & Life album which won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae
Album, In 2000 he co-produced with Wyclef the debut album by actor Steve
Seagal, He also worked with artist like Janet Jackson, the Neptunes, Lady
Saw and Lil’ Kim. “Back to Basics” album in 2004 was his return to
straight up dancehall. Beenie Man’s lyrics in some of his songs are
controversial, they incite the murder of homosexuals with lyrics such as
“I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays”. In “Mi Nah
Wallah”, he says he would like to cut the throats of all gay men. In “Bad
Man Chi Chi Man” the lyrics instructs listeners to kill gay deejays, and
in “Han Up Deh”, the lyric suggest hanging Lesbians with a long piece of
rope. With his controversial lyrics banned from the MTV Video Music Awards
and the Big Day Out music festival in Auckland New Zealand. Beenie Man’s
songs he did with Mya “Girls Dem Suga”, Janet Jackson “Feel It Boy” and
“King of the Dancehall” are also a favorites of mine. Even though some of
his lyrics are controversial he is truly talented.


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